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GRACO Ultramax II 495

The new Ultra® Max II 495 features the leading technology and performance of Graco ’s larger Ultra Max II models. The Ultra Max II 495 is the sprayer of choice for professionals who need a higher output sprayer for daily use on residential jobs.

Max Tip Size      - .025
Max psi/bar        - 3300/227
Max gpm/lpm     - .60/2.3
Weight lbs/kg     - 43/19.5 Stand
Motor hp              - 1.2 hp Brushless DC
  GRACO Ultramax II 695

 The Ultra Max II 695 is the industry standard for professional contractors who spray a full range of coatings on residential, commercial and industrial jobs. The Ultra Max II 695 handles the most common tip sizes, longer hose lengths and heavier coatings with ease.

Max Tip Size (1/2 guns) - .031/.023
Max psi/bar  - 3300/227
Max gpm/lpm - .95/3.6
Weight lbs/kg - 93/42 Hi-Boy Std
Motor hp - 2.0 hp Brushless DC
  GRACO Ultramax II 1095

The Ultra Max II 1095 is ideal for commercial and industrial contractors who routinely spray with multiple guns, long hoses and the toughest coatings. High output and reliable performance make the Ultra Max II 1095 the choice of large professional contractors worldwide.

Max Tip Size (1/2/3 guns) - .035/.027/.021
Max psi/bar - 3300/227
Max gpm/lpm - 1.2/4.5
Weight lbs/kg - 120/55 Hi-Boy Standard
Motor hp - 2.4 hp Brushless DC

  GRACO Ultramax II 1595

The Ultra Max II 1595 is Graco's highest output electric airless sprayer. Built specifically for the largest jobs and multiple spray guns, the Ultra Max II 1595 easily sprays the toughest coatings with long hose lengths and large tip sizes.

Max Tip (1/2/3 guns) - .039/.029/.023
Max psi/bar - 3300/227
Max gpm/lpm - 1.35/5.1
Weight lbs/kg - 125/56 Hi-Boy Standard
Motor hp - 2.8 hp Brushless DC