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Checking for flaws and holidays after application can help eliminate the early appearance of rust and surface deteioration and ensure an effective long life coating system. Premature corrosion of a substrate is usually due to the failure of the coating. A major cause of failure is the presence of flaws in the finished coating. Collectively referred to as a coating’s porosity the main types of flaw are: Runs and sags, Cissing, Cratering, Pinholes, Over coating, Under coating

The consequent cost of repairs and subsequent loss of production can be considerable. Early inspection for coating flaws will prevent the expense and inconvenience of a coating failure. Instruments used to detect coating flaws are referred to by many different names, these include spark or jeep testers, porosity or holiday detectors and pinhole testers. There are two methods of testing, wet sponge technique and high voltage technique. Elcometer has a range of products that meet your particular requirement.

Elcometer 266 DC Holiday Detector

The Elcometer 266's convenient carrying case allows the probe handle and accessories to be attached to the front making the Elcometer 266 ideal for field, site or laboratory inspection. An accessory pouch, which accommodates the additional rechargeable battery (optional) can also be attached to the soft carrying case - thereby extending inspection time without the need for recharging the unit.