Compressed Air Powered Safety Lamp

Airturbo Lamp A-0445 provides a flood beam giving a well diffused 30° angle of light with the standard matt reflector, or with a polished reflector, a highly concentrated spot light. The lamp has a 15 mm toughened glass lens for high impact strength and pressure resistance. 




Flood Light
Explosion proof swivel-mounted incandescent multi-directional light. Designed to light large areas, low maintenance. Use standard 300 Watt PAR 38 Lamp.


Explosion Proof Light
Hazardous duty hand light making it
ideal for inspection or small area illumination. This explosion proof drop light with tempered glass globe and full swivel hook, suitable for max 100 w bulb.

Blast light BL 100
This fully rubber blast light can be used to put in a blast room or other dusty areas.  This light is 24v with a bulb of 100W


Blast Light BL 80
This rubber made blast light are easy to attach the nozzle holder and have easy exchangeable lenses.  The lights can be delivered in 12V/24V and both models have a bulb of 20w.

To supply the blast lights with a safe 12V or 24V, one of the rubber transformers can be used.  These explosion proof transformers are oil and acid resistant as well. 

\"\" Halogen Nozzle Light.
Holds Par bulb 24v /35w with aluminum housing which can attach directly to blast hose for illuminating the blasting area.
Halogen Nozzle Light.
Holds Par-38 bulb 24v /120w with light aluminum body for illuminating the blasting area. 
\"\" Halogen Light.
 Par-38 bulb 24v /120w with light aluminum body for illuminating the blasting area. 
Black Light Lamp
This durable, high intensity lamp ideally suited for NDT and QC inspection, UV curring, oil detection and leak detection.



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