Garnet is a hard, heavy, durable abrasive. It can be recycled up to 5 times without a loss in
performance. Garnet can be used for cleaning steel in various applications including ship building and repair, tanks, offshore platforms, and pipelines. It is also used to provide surface finish for powder coaters. Garnet has the following advantages & benefits:

  • Inert, natural mineral
  • Pinkish to reddish-bron, sub-rounded grains
  • High performance, low dust abrasive
  • Ideal for industrial coating work with a selection of grades to suit various applications. e.g. new steel, whipblasting, full blasting, heavy rust removal, feathering, etc.
  • Economical, single use abrasive
  • May also be recycled.

Supplied in bulk bags or 25kg bags


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